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Open Letter to Ryan Leef, MP, Yukon

June 2011
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Ryan Leef, MP, Member for Yukon

Dear Ryan,

As a constituent, I wish to express my displeasure with the stand your party has taken in the introduction of Bill C-6, A Bill to Provide for the Resumption and Continuation of Postal Services. The bill is an uncalled for intervention in the time honoured and legal practice of collective bargaining.

Also, I find your party’s stance that the union is preventing the movement of mail offensive. Canada Post locked its employees out rather than deal with the inconvenience of rotating strikes and, as a Crown corporation, can be overruled by an order by Governor in Council. It would be easy for the lockout to be ordered ended and mail moving by Monday morning. Implying anything else is, quite frankly, dishonest.

You stated, during the election, that you would vote contrary to your party if asked to do so by your constituents. Consider this a request by two of your constituents to do exactly that, and vote against Bill C-6.

Douglas and Clara Rutherford


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