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Was it the good weather or the antibiotics?

June 2011
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I woke up this morning with about thirty seconds warning that Shawna was bringing Hanna and my Father’s Day present. I got a Toronto Maple Leafs condiment set. It is set in a stand with an umbrella and a salt, pepper, ketchup and mustard dispensers. This received in bed from a 14 month old, who immediately proceeded to open my present and play with the contents, is a fabulous way to start your morning.

I noticed that I’m feeling better today. After Shawna and Hanna left, after playing and two kisses for Poppie, I had a bit of lunch and sat around for a bit. Then, I watered the lawn and flowers, filled the feeder and did a few little lawn things. By that point, it was about 20° and sunny. I decided that I actually was in good enough shape for my first, unescorted road trip. This actually entailed going in to work to discuss my upcoming surgery woes, but it was a road trip, nonetheless.

I also got to see a few people, troubleshooted someone’s server issues and, generally, gabbed a bit. It was the first time in two weeks I’d driven by myself after the knee work, but yesterday was the first time I’d driven at all since then. I suddenly feel considerably better. Why? I’m not sure what the source is, but really don’t care either way…


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  1. Nita says:

    Glad you are feeling better!

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