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It never rains, but it pours… or, you have a tornado.

June 2011
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If I remember correctly, the tagline for Jaws II was, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”

It seems that we have solved why I have been miserable all winter. I was not feeling very well late Friday night and all day Saturday, coming down with what I thought was a bladder infection, so I decided Saturday night that I was going to pop in to emergency Sunday and get some antibiotics for it. As I mentioned, I’ve had an ongoing colon infection all year too.

After discussing my symptoms, a urine test (damn, I hate the multiple choice questions) and blood work, the on call doctor handed me off to the on call surgeon who put two and two together and wrapped everything up into a nice little package. I’m supposed to go to a specialist in July to see if the current idea of what my colon issue was and she not only confirmed that was probably the case but also that the bladder problem was the same issue. Apparently, I have a fistula, a connection between the bladder and colon and not a good thing to have, by the way. Actually, I don’t think there really is a good colon problem to have.

I’m sure things could be worse. I’ll probably look far more cheery when it’s finally fixed and won’t have to answer people about why I look so different by saying, “Must be the new sweater” or “new glasses.” Remember to point your finger upwards when you use the last one…

Now bluntly, I’m actually happy that it’s finally figured out. One small part of my brain constantly reminded me that the last really healthy day I had, there was a cigarette in my hand and fixing the problem was probably very easy. I try not to listen to that part of my brain. 

The diagnosis, however, it means that I require surgery very, very shortly and I vaguely remember doing that two weeks ago. In short, this coming week, when I have a bit more mobility with my knee after the stitches come out tomorrow, will may well be my summer. It means that all the course prep work that I was looking forward to doing in August will probably be done the day before my courses start for all I know, although I have no real inkling if I will be back to work when that happens. I have to call the chair tomorrow and start looking at changing when my courses start and the length of time they run.

Daryl Stenson called me last week and asked if I want to go fishing on Saturday. I said that, in all probability, I’d like to go. The answer has now changed to “HELL, YAH!” It will probably be the only time I go this summer so I’m looking forward to it…



  1. fawnahareo says:

    Wow. I am so glad they have that figured out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for perfect fishing weather on Saturday!

  2. Linda Leon says:

    It’s always a god idea to go fishing.

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