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Now, Time to Talk to Another Branch of Government

June 2011
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Our next step is to deal with the problems associated with having a hazardous waste storage site across the street. Namely, what is my property worth?

I can heartily assure you that no one is going to buy a house on a street with a hazardous waste site on it. That, in consideration with the fact that my property taxes are based on my assessment, we’ve approached the territorial government, who also are the ones responsible for the assessments the property taxes are calculated from, to have our properties reassessed based on the new information available. The deadline for reassessments requests has passed but we think that this is an extenuating circumstance and have asked the department and the minister for an exemption and reassessment anyway. Given that the payment deadline is coming up, I’m probably going to Council Monday evening to ask for an extension on payment to dealt with the administrative issues that may be involved.

Onward into the breach. Again…


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