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One Week After Surgery

June 2011
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One week down and all’s well. Things have good as expected and I am moving around with no difficulties, other than I don’t really go very fast. I take my cane when I’m going on huge adventures, namely involving stairs and uneven ground, but don’t use it much indoors. My wild painkillers are Tylenol and Ibuprofen, and I still have half of my T-3s left over for a worthy occasion. I have a colon infection that’s been bugging me since February and, quite frankly, it’s been far more of an issue than my surgery.

I have been on several great adventures. Today, I went to the hospital for bloodwork and then downtown and for groceries. I’ve been upstairs several times and have decided that sleeping in my far more comfortable bed is tonight’s plan. I did some puttering in the yard today as well.

I will admit that this one has taken a little longer to recover from and I suspect he did far more grinding than he did last time. There were more than a dozen bone spurs to get rid of and one particular place where there wasn’t enough room for one piece to get past the other when I bent my knee which has been fixed.  Full recovery should take about six months. It’s just a question of time and now, it’s time for a nap, I think…


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