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Day 2 Post Surgery

June 2011
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I slept pretty well last night, short of the fact that I woke up every few hours and was a wee bit restless. I can only lay in one position for so long and there’s big production values involved in rolling over.

That being said, I have far more pain today than previously and have been a bit more attentive about my pain killers. Like the slogan goes, “Just Say Yes to Drugs.”

This is the magic day, where the 48 hours after surgery deadline kicks in. In about 1 1/2 hours, I can legally sign documents. And, since this is Day 2, I got to take the dressing off. It’s not horribly ugly, you will all be pleased to know. My knee is a bit swollen although I did have to change the dressing yesterday and it was much puffier. I see they don’t use the horrendous yellow-orange antiseptic anymore. My paint job was a purplish-pink and looked a lot like I was quite bruised until I got it washed off. There are the three tiny incisions and they aren’t leaking at all.

I still, however, have the surgeon’s initials Sharpied on my left kneecap. It’s how, along with asking me about six times on Tuesday, everyone is on the same page with which knee is supposed to be worked on. Note: we are to always refer to the left knee as being the “correct” one, not the “right” one.

But, I really am not moving along very quickly and it will be a few more days before I even think of going out anywhere. I’m still not up for the adventure of going outside too far or upstairs to the 2nd floor. Stairs are a wee bit daunting yet. However, if the weather clears a bit, I may go on the grand adventure of going out to the deck. It’s a tiny little step down from the veranda and more than easy to deal with… even when you trundle along as badly as I do. The fun part is that, apparently, I’m allowed to drive now. That is, if I decided to avoid my pain killers (may cause drowsiness. May?)

That being said, it’s nap time again. I’ve been awake for 4 hours and that’s my record for this week so far. I’m not interested in setting records yet either…


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