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Day 1 Post Surgery

June 2011
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I had my knee repaired again yesterday. I’m not totally sure how much of what got done, other than generically.

The plans were to grind down the rough spots, grind down any bone spurs that may be catching on other parts of the knee. He also washed out the joint to remove any bone pieces that may have been floating in the knee and cut any loose flaps of cartlidge that may be there.

Last, but not least, the idea of the surgery was a chance for an inspection tour and see if the X-rays may be a bit more optimistic than the actual facts. While the pain level is closer to what one would expect with Stage IV arthritis, the X-rays suggest that I’m only at Stage III. Stage IV, the worst case, is where you get a knee replacement, regardless of age.

However, I didn’t get to see the doctor after surgery. He had more in the queue so I’ll actually get the report when I get the stitches out in two weeks.

Picture of kneeGenerally, I don’t move very quickly and usually run around the house, when necessary, with my cane. It’s a bit sore but I have lovely drugs that keep it in line and I’m allowed to stack my pain killers. T-3s and ibuprofen are a legal mix and I have spread them two hours apart.

As for the visual evidence, there isn’t much to see. Just a tensor bandage over a 6×6 telfa pad, which I can get rid of tomorrow afternoon. There will be three little incisions: one for the light, one for the camera and one for the tools.  Each is an X less than 1/2 inch long.

The interesting point is that there are some important things to consider with anaesthesia. I am considered impaired and cannot drive for 24 hours after surgery. However, I am also considered impaired and cannot sign a legal document for 48 hours after surgery. I’m not sure why there’s a discrepency. It doesn’t really matter much as I have been condemned to imprisonment on the first floor of the house by Clara, and her rules take precedence…


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