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Waiting to Go to the Hospital

June 2011
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What sort of person schedules you for fasting after midnight and surgery for 1 PM?

Worse yet, where do they get the weird definitions? The strangest thing that gets me today is that I can’t eat solid foods and I am allowed “clear liquids” until 10 AM. Here’s the rub? What’s a “clear liquid?” Here’s where the English language goes slightly off course. I’m allowed to have water, apple juice and the time honoured tea without milk. What you might want to consider is that the sugar in your tea isn’t considered solid food. I suppose that, in solution, you could consider the sugar as a liquid. However, the item I’m having as we type this is another clear liquid, namely, black coffee. What’s that clear about black coffee? 

I’m not sure what’s more confusing: medical terminology or plain English? This is probably why your doctor went to university for almost as long as an anthropologist…


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