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Environmental Protection’s Response

June 2011
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Well, after much phone/e-mail tag, I did get a chance to talk and correspond with the director of environmental protection at the Yukon Territorial Government. I put forward my question as to why he had a permit in a residential neighbourhood. He seemed to think that this was a good question and he wanted an answer to it as well. He did think that the issue of the permit was probably done in error, although he did wonder if the area had previously been zoned commercially.

Actually, the zoning did change when the City decided to rename some of the zones… although what could actually be there has not with the new name. Inspectors are on their way to deal appropriately with the situation.

Our conversation, though, has raised another question. He no longer has the contract to salvage from seven of the Yukon Government community dumps because of failure to meet its tems. Why does he still have his permit and where is the crap coming from? This is a question for the city potentially and I’ll send a request to the Manager of Bylaw Services to see if he has a permit to salvage from the city landfill and whether or not that can be pulled. And, so it goes…


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