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Our Neighbour Does Match a Certain Stereotype, Doesn’t He?

June 2011
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Looking across the street is a lot like watching Deliverance. We have been trying for three years to get the current tenant across the street to clean up his property. Sadly, this is a losing battle on several levels. The neighbour is running a recycling/dump service/used car business in a residential neighbourhood.

We have made several attempts to have something done through the Maintenance Bylaw and the Zoning Bylaw, but there has been no success. Keep in mind that he previously lived about a mile away and his previous neighbours complained for almost ten years to get that place cleaned up. By the way, the owner sold the property so he had to move before the City was capable of making him clean the property.

What is he like? Well, he’s had about 50 tickets issued against him in the last two years. Yet, here’s what you face when you give him a ticket. He’s from Texas and, as has been mentioned in previous court appearances, believes that he just living his lifestyle. The fact that 7 or more of his immediate neighbours might complain about his property at least weekly is their problem, not his.

The interesting thing is, it doesn’t matter how many fines he gets since he doesn’t own the property. If he doesn’t pay, it just gets added to the property tax bill and the property owner is impossible to find, in Alberta, and his daughter. In short, going to the landlord is not an option.

We have a new ploy. We’ve asked the environment department to guarantee that he is not housing hazardous waste on the street. This was put to the Environmental Protection department and the minister four days ago. Unfortunately, there has been no response. Another request was sent this evening. If there is no answer by Monday, we’re going to ask the new premier and the press why the Minister and the department aren’t answering us.

How bad is it? He moved in after the previous tenants were evicted by the territorial government. If we’d known what we were getting, most of us would have fought the eviction. After all, a crack house was highly preferable to the current neighbour and the particularly telling point is that doesn’t bother him at all….


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