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Memorial Service, Part II

May 2011
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As I have mentioned previously, we went to a friend’s memorial service on the weekend. It was quite well attended and was a very nice service. Emile Aubichon was 52 and killed in a motorcycle accident. There was a large number of friends, family, friends of family, and the biker community turned out in large numbers as well.

We met Emile through his brother and sister-in-law. I worked with both at the college, and Clara worked next door at the Archives. We would go to the Kopper King, famous in Stan Rogers’ song, on Thursday evenings for cheap beer night. Shortly after this tradition started, Emile showed up as well. He was a good friend, lots of fun, and despite his quite large size was really nothing more than a big teddy bear. I think it was almost impossible to not like Emile. Even after most of us stopped going to the KK when its food and service deteriorated badly and the realization set in that their cheap beer night wasn’t cheap, I’d still run into Emile around town and we’d hold long gabfests in parking lots or Tim Horton’s.

So, several of have gotten together and decided that his memorial service, regardless of how nice and well run it was, had to have a Part II. After work Thursday, we’re heading over to the KK for a beer or two in his memory. No, not everyone will be there, but if you knew Emile and can make it, we’d be glad to have you.


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