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A Nice Weekend

May 2011
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A long weekend is always a good time to head out of town and enjoy the fact that we live in a beautiful place. The weather was less than perfect. Saturday was far and away the best weather day of the weekend but we spent part of that day in town. We went to a friend’s memorial service for part of the day. There was a great turnout and it was a lovely service.

Sunday and part of today, it rained, quite hard at time. However, there were still some high points.

sunset image
Sunset, 11 PM.

For example, we had a marvellous sunset on Saturday evening. The sky had turned a neat shade of red and yellow and the sunset picture had a lovely view of the horizon over the ice and some open water. The additional bonus is that this sunset happened at 11 PM. It is late May and there is still almost a month left until solstice. So, there is still an awful lot of daylight left to add.

The lake, as you can see in the picture, is still largely iced over. Some of this is not really solid and much of the lake cover is more like a slushee than ice but it will still be a week or two before anyone gets to throw a boat in and do a bit of fishing . I’m still trying to figure out how my knee surgery will fit into the lake’s schedule but we will see. I have to get the boat inflated and put the floor boards in and then configure the trailer since that has yet to be done. I also have to determine whether or not the bloat will function with the motor as a long shaft or whether I have to remove the adapter and convert it back into a short shaft. And, since I can’t take any real vacation until after June 1st to make sure that everything gets done, this may not happen.

So, when will I get out next? Ryan’s grad is next weekend so we won’t go anywhere then. Therefore, we must wait and see, wait and see…


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