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The Camper’s at the Lake

May 2011
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I took the camper to the lake and did about an hour’s photo shoot for Up Here magazine last night. I have become constantly amazed at how much work it takes to get it ready for the first camping trip of the year.

The bedding has to be cleaned, everything needs to be aired and dusted, all of the food has to be restocked, etc. I often store other things in the camper over the winter as well and these have to be put elsewhere. Also, there are some things that have to be replaced, such as all the liquid cleaning supplies and paper products.

There is, though, the bit of an advantage where the camper is gone to Fox Lake which is a short drive away. I didn’t have to get everything done before taking the camper out. I wanted to get some of the bedding clean, etc., so I’ll get around to that later this week and we’ll take it out when we go. If you’re wondering what the area is like, the picture on the top of my blog was taken last fall from the campsite I’m in right now.

I’m hoping to head out Thursday evening, although I want to do something early that evening. I can easily get up early and drive back into work in the morning. Commuting from the lake is quite nice early in the morning and the only traffic you see on the way at 6 AM usually has four legs….


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