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May 2011
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We read through the play last night. It wasn’t a perfect situation as one person didn’t show up so I had to read one part myself rather than take notes. We did record it and that was one of my problems last night.

After we barbecued and Tracy and Winluck left, I looked at my digital voice recorder and it said 21:10. What? I had cut a bit out but I thought it was longer than that. Reading through it, it did need a bit added but this was way too short for my liking. I had to go downtown this morning so I listened to it on my trips. It was far longer than 21 minutes. About half way through it, I twigged on the reading. 21:10 wasn’t the expired time… it was the time: 9:10 PM. By the way, the play is 44 minutes long without scene changes.

I feel way better this morning, even though there is still some editing to be done before the end of the month. At least, I know for sure that I didn’t overly cull the herd…


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