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May 2011
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Someone explain to me why housecleaning is important. I mean, really important. I’m certain that most people have far more important things to do than clean the house. I work all day. I cook. I shop for groceries. I have things I do outside work. Why do I have to clean the house?

Yes, I know people are coming over. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that they, too, have lives and would be far happier taking the housecleaning thing and throwing it on the back burner. So, when you come to their place, you don’t think their house is untidy. You think, “Wow, what fulfilling lives they have” or something equally profound. “They do far more neat things than housecleaning.” Let’s be honest. Shouldn’t a really clean house be the sign of someone with no life.

My cousin Alma’s husband in Northern Ireland sent me an e-mail that sums up how to deal with it. Go to the store and buy a get well card and put a bunch of  illegible signatures on the bottom of it. A whole pile of signatures. Next, place it somewhere on the shelf where no company could possibly miss it. They’ll see it and think, “Hey, he’s been too sick to clean…”



  1. Krysta says:

    House cleaning, with young children in the family, is a constant massive undertaking. I hate to devote enourmous effort to a project for which the results cannot even be seen 24 hours later. Guess for sanity and hygience certain standards just can’t be avoided….

  2. Murray says:

    We solved the problem 3 years ago. Every 2 weeks a professional house cleaner spends 3 hours here and gets the big stuff done so we just have light maintenance to do. It’s a great investment in our sanity, espcially with 2 huskies and a cat to deal with.

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