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Weekend Planning

May 2011
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I seem to have a great deal planned, or overplanned, for the upcoming weekend. Its so loaded down that I actually took Monday and Tuesday as vacation days to do everything I had planned.

We have the reading of the play on Sunday, but that needs a fair bit of work to get ready, doing things such as cleaning, getting the BBQ ready, etc. Yes, I am bribing my readers with food and drink. I’m not above that. The menu is rib eye steak, baked potatoes, onions, sauteed mushrooms, cole slaw, potato salad and roast corn. We’ll wash it down with Keith’s and a nice red. You may want to consider this for the next time I need readers…

Once that is out of the way, it’s time to get the motorhome ready for the long weekend. I’ll probably be commuting to work a few days although I’m not sure what Clara’s up for. I will admit that I am not looking forward to the first camping trip without smoking. Maybe I’ll follow the rules. I am allowed to have a cigarette whenever I want. Its just got to come from my emergency pack. In case you’re curious, my emergency pack is the one I was smoking six months ago when I quit. Its been open in a drawer since then. I suspect that the contents may be a little… ahem… dry. OK, a lot dry.

Tuesday afternoon may be a bit interesting as well. A freind has been commissioned to do a photo shoot for Up Here magazine and we get to be models for photos on RVing in the north. He said he’ll try to get us the cover… or put me as the centrefold. Somehow, I can picture myself with staples in my bellybutton now. Its not a good picture…


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