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The Stupid Weather

May 2011
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I’ll admit that the weather this morning wasn’t too awful. It was raining. We haven’t seen rain since the fall so it was refreshing.

However, on the way to work this morning, that changed. It started to snow. I mean really snow. It was downright depressing.

But, the snow has since melted and it got up to 5° today. So, I decided to barbeque a few steaks for dinner tonight. It started hailing. What’s with this?

By the way, in the last 70 years, it has snowed and accumulated 50 of those years in the month of May. It isn’t new. It just sucks.

Oh, by the way. Its supposed to snow tonight…


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  1. Fawn says:

    I was driving home from Faro when the hail started. I guess I should be glad we were late getting home and starting our barbeque; I just got slightly damp while holding the tongs, not beaten with small ice pellets.

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