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May 2011
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I feel like an expectant father. This weekend, I’m having the first read through for my play. This will be my first chance to actually hear how it will sound done by actors. Not only do I get to hear but I’ve managed to come up with three really good people to do it as well. 

This will give me a chance to hear it so I can make my last edits before sending it on to a dramaturg. Nakai and Gwaandak theatre companies are bring someone up to do dramaturgy in June and this will probably represent the last big edit before running it in the Homegrown festival next May.

I’ve finallized the reading version and have sent the script on to two of the actors. I need the e-mail address for the third but have sent him a Facebook message and am waiting to hear back. Onwards and upwards…



  1. Edmonia Thomas says:

    On Sunday, March 18, 2012 I will have my first read-through for one of my plays “Miss Minnie Mae’s Goin Home Party”. I’ve been so busy with all the preparation involved in stage reading, it hasn’t sunk in yet -perhaps when it actually happens.

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