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What’s Worse than being Sick on the Weekend?

May 2011
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There’s nothing worse than having a whole list of plans for the weekend and being sick and getting to almost nothing. I’m getting really tired of this, no pun intended.

The current guess as to what’s wrong is an infection with the possibility of having mono… again. I really am not that worried about the infection business, but mono will screw up my knee surgery that’s coming up in June or early July and I don’t want that to happen. I had blood work done to tell for sure on Wednesday afternoon so I really should have heard by now. The lab is on site at my doctor’s office so I think that, if I had it, I would have heard by now. I’m figuring tomorrow will be  the last possible day to hear if I do.

So now, I get to compress some things. I have to get the motorhome ready as well as do some housecleaning for company coming next Sunday. I want to take the motorhome out a week from Wednesday night to make sure I get a good site. I may actually go out Tuesday if its ready and this will let me do a bit of commuting.

That being said, I have three people coming Sunday evening to do a read through for the play. There’s a dramaturg coming up from Vancouver sometime in June so I want a read through before the last editing before handing over to be sliced, diced and Julienne fried by the dramaturg. Or not. Hopefully….


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