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Change in Direction

May 2011
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The term is over, although I am overseeing a practicum but that won’t be taxing, and the election is over and my last CBC blog posted has been submitted and posted. It is now time, or long past it, to start thinking about camping season.

The current plan is heading out to Fox Lake for an upcoming weekend and I may possibly commute the week after as well. It’s about a 45-minute drive, although it is a bit quicker at 6 am when commuting. If you’re wondering what it’s like, the banner photograph on my blog is from Fox Lake Campground (61°14′ 42″ N 135° 27′ 38″ W).

I do have a bit of work to do first. Step 1 is getting the RV ready and there is a lot that needs doing. Some of you are probably rather aware, I spent a lot of time working on it last year as well. There are a few plumbing issues left to resolve, including getting a new grey water tank welded up and installing it. I also need to replace the fitting on the water heater where water enters it as it is leaking like a sieve. Doing plumbing repairs in anything with as little space as an RV is no fun at all but, the sooner it’s done, the sooner I can start repairing something else. This is how things work, isn’t it? It certainly appears that way in my life.

I also need to spend a bit of time setting up the trailer and the new boat. We’re looking forward to actually getting the bottom of it wet sometime next month when the ice leaves the lakes. Hopefully, that will happen before I go for knee surgery next month… an event that will probably prevent fishing for a few weeks.


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