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I’ve Made Up My Mind Now

April 2011
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There are three campaigning days left. The candidates will be spending the next days working overtime trying to get you out to vote and, of course, to vote for them.

Traditionally, I tend to make my way to the polling station early on polling day, and this time around will be no exception. Yes, I have made up my mind as to who I am voting for, although it was largely done through process of elimination. There were two of the four candidates eliminated quite quickly. One thing that may suprise you is the fact that the first one I eliminated would be the candidate from the party I normally support. Normally is a relative word, however, and the fact that he was the first candidate dropped from my list is of no suprise to me. My party last fielded someone I saw as a viable candidate in 2000 and there was no difference this election.

The second candidate I dropped would be one whose philosophy differed from mine drastically. Two things helped me decide. I don’t really support his party in particular, and his performance through the campaign strongly indicated that he was in no way prepared for the job anyway.

That left two. it took me a while to decide, as the one candidate I eventually decided was not getting my vote did seem quite passionate. But I’m really not a big fan of his party either and some of his approach during the campaign made me wonder if he was capable of the job. Yes, this means I decided based on the people I wouldn’t be voting for to select the one receiving my vote. He isn’t the ideal choice, but, I guess, he’s my choice.

This probably represents my last post before voting day. All I can suggest to you is: Vote. Even if you cannot find someone who matches your viewpoint on how the riding should be represented, at least submit a blank ballot or mark them all. If you don’t participate, you have no right to complain when things don’t go the way you’d wish.

Enjoy your weekend.


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