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So, Who Do I Think Will Win Here?

April 2011
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I always tend to do poorly in projecting who’s going to win in elections. I do so poorly, I often think I may have jinx-like capability previously unseen in anatomically modern humans. This is why I am usually pretty reticent about predicting elections.

That being said, and with ten days left in the campaign, I’m casting the bones and reading the entrails (actually, it was a grilled cheese sandwich but few people tend to follow them anymore). Here’s my not so official guesses for the Yukon riding, based on people I’ve talked to:

1. Greens
2. Liberal
3. Conservative
4. NDP

I know lots of you are thinking I’ve now completely killed off the chance for John Streicker to be the first person to win a seat for the Green Party. However, unlike any poll based on less than 3,000 people that supposedly predicts how everyone in the country will vote, I’m putting my faith in the grilled cheese. After all, it’s probably a good a reflection on how Yukoners will vote as any polling firm can come up with. This, of course, is subject to the whim of next week’s sandwich…


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