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A Little Lull in the Action

April 2011
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I’ll concede that I’ve fallen behind in posting. However, if you follow the local campaign here, you’ll notice that there’s not much new.

Over the weekend, Candace Hoeppner, who proposed the private members’ bill last fall to abolish the long gun registry was in town. There was a bit of coverage in the local paper but really nothing much else. Yes, she was talking about the gun registry. Most people here tend to stick that topic under the general heading of, “Who really cares.”

There will be more to say this evening though. The Arts Issues forum for all candidates starts at 7 this evening at the Old Firehall. One party has already raised issues about the wording of the prepared questions given to the candidates, so this should turn out to be a bit interesting. I’ll let you know how things went. Here are the talking points on arts issues in Canada.

Talking Points

Let’s be honest, the really big news is that none of the candidates really seem to want to disagree with the others. One question in the last two candidates forums saw any really difference in opinion. Ryan Leef, the Conservative Candidate, did say that he was in favour of releasing the name of a young offender if he or she was considered dangerous. The other three candidates did not. For all intents and purposes, you’d think that the candidates were all running for the same party.

Maybe, the arts is a topic that will have them scrapping. Or scrapbooking. Or not…


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