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End of Week 2

April 2011
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Note: This is the second submission to the CBC Your Take blog. Since I need a summary of who’s running and how things went last time, I did repeat the results from an earlier blog post.

We’ve reached the end of the second week of the campaign. Here’s how things sit. We have four candidates in the Yukon and with the deadline for nominations coming, there seems to be little chance of an independent or one of the smaller parties running this time around.

  • Larry Bagnell (LPC) – Incumbent
  • Ryan Leef (CPC)
  • Kevin Barr (NDP)
  • John Streicker (GPC)

In case you are curious, or your memory needs refreshing, the results of the last election were:

  • Larry Bagnell (LPC) – 45.80%
  • Darrel Pasloski (CPC) – 32.66%
  • John Streicker (GPC) – 12.83%
  • Ken Bolton (NDP) – 8.70%

(Source: Elections Canada –

The second week of campaign is usually a little unentertaining. Since last Sunday, we have seen the release of the major parties campaign platforms. These offer a variety of programs and program spending, complete with the estimates of what they will, or will not cost. Estimate is often a big word, although the Green Party did submit their spending estimates to the Parliamentary Budget office to ensure the numbers do make sense. However, no one around the cafeteria at work has had much to say for or against any of the major parties’ platforms.

In many ways, the election seems to be a quiet surprise. There hasn’t been a great deal of hard core campaigning here and all of the campaigns seem to be very low key. This will probably change with the first of the candidate forums and progress through the (at least)  three more to come. The generally held thought is that it will be either a Liberal or Green Party win this time.

The candidates have done some work today. It’s a sunny Saturday so getting out and around seems a good idea. Two, Larry Bagnell and John Streicker, attended the 18th Annual Bridge Building Competition, where students build bridges using coffee stir sticks, dental floss and carpenter’s glue and these are tested to see how much weight they will support before failing. Ryan Leef was seen with a large group of supporters waving to traffic crossing the bridge into Riverdale subdivision. Larry Bagnell was also doing a walkabout in the Porter Creek neighbourhood today, as well.

The leaders’ debates come up next week. These and the candidate forums do often get people fired up. However, the main things we hear in the Yukon about the leaders’ debates are regarding the barring of Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May. It seems that, regardless of party affiliation here, most people seem to think it was a poor choice. It’s nice to know that most of us can actually agree on something…


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