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Waiting for Local Issues

April 2011
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So far, there seems to be little in local issues really coming to the fore. But, there also seems to be little in the way of real policy being pushed by any of the parties.

There does seem to be a little protest, though. The local conservative candidate hasn’t said much other than the official party talking points. Given the perception that the Conservative Party goes to great lengths to stay on message, it does bring to mind how the two local papers have both printed stories with all of the official words in quotes: coalition, island of stability, etc. It’s actually kind of funny.

We’re still waiting to hear final dates for some of the all candidates forums. The youth issues forum, organized by Bringing Youth Towards Equality (BYTE) is scheduled for the evening of April 15th. All four candidates are reported to be attending.

The Arts Issues forum still has not been scheduled, but apparently can only be on one of two dates. This was very well attended in the 2008 General Election.

CBC Yukon is also organizing the all candidates forum for the evening of April 27th. There has been no word, however, confirming whether or not the Whitehorse and Dawson Chambers of Commerce, who have sponsered similar events in the past, plan to do so this time around.

And that’s it for today. I do get to have those horribly unprolific days and using them up in the 2nd week of the election campaign, a notoriously slow part of an election, seems the be approach.


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