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The Lack of Ethics as a Campaign Issue

April 2011
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One of the things I find interesting is that ethics have not been made a huge issue in this election. This is in consideration of the fact that the non-confidence motion that brought down the government was part of an historic motion of finding the government guilt of contempt of parliament.

None of the other parties really seem to be hammering the Conservative Party. Also, the Bruce Ross affair seems to just becoming more and more grisly, as it now turns out that the PMO was aware of his now five criminal convictions, as well as having been disbarred by the Law Society of Ontario, before hiring him as the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff.

Needless to say that Prime Minister Harper is downplaying the contempt charge, saying it was a motion of parliament passed by the opposition and the Canadian public doesn’t care. This seems a somewhat bizarre comment to make. It makes one wonder whether or not legislation passed by the opposition is actually valid. As well, I think most of us really don’t want the Prime Minister telling us what we care about.

I am also quite amazed that the contempt finding has  not resulted in serious commentary by the national media and more amazed that there weren’t serious reprecussions within the Conservative party. The resignation of Stephen Harper as the leader of the party is the least the Conservatives should have called for and where do you see editorial pieces calling for the same.  It seems that most are simply too afraid to call out the PM for fear of some retribution or another. I guess that it’s chicken for dinner tonight again.


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