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Ahhh? There’s an election on… right?

March 2011
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There are strange things done in the midnight sun… although, it’s the end of March and there’s really only light in the sky until about 9:30.

Up until last Friday, the only words you heard at work involved elections. Non-confidence, economy, contempt, etc., everything related to the possibility of an election. Only two parties had even nominated candidates, and one of those was the incumbent who said he was running again. There was a huge push on to get people in place for the next week.

My Twitter account has vibrated from comments from here and there on this scandal, that candidate, this issue and coalitions past and possible.

Saturday, the writ fell (loud noise with echo in background). Related to elections, that’s about the only loud noise we’ve heard here. I’ve seen two campaign signs in the last two days and they’re both for the same candidate. I drive towards downtown from the largest populated area of Whitehorse and I head towards downtown on one of the two ways to get there. Local radio has had nothing really related other than national news and local newspapers haven’t carried much other than notice of the candidate nominations.

At lunch time, I bring up the upcoming election and the attitude has moved from nothing else to talk about to, “Oh, that’s right. That’s coming up, isn’t it?”

So far, there’s been no mention of a candidates’ debate on general issues, although there is an effort to organize one on the arts. No one has flung out one of those really juicy issues for everyone to pounce on and put their personal seal on it. In short, all’s quiet on the northern front.

I realize one party, the NDP, has yet to nominate their candidate, although this is supposed to happen tonight. Maybe, after all are present and accounted for, there may be more issues than wondering if the Leafs are going to make the playoffs or not. And, when that’s the biggest issue during an election, do we really have to ask why 40% of elibible people don’t vote….


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