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Why the Media Annoy Me

March 2011
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I’ll start this off with the comment that I do think most of the media in Canada are quite good at their jobs. I’ll also admit that some of them suck, but that’s not where I’m going with this.

My biggest complaint is that most are so tentative. Let’s talk about the “H” word. I’ve heard the process named, (i.e., hypocrisy) but no one has used the word “hypocrite.” Stephen Harper is running around using the word coalition as an evil; however, he, himself, attempted to form a coalition with the NDP and the BQ in 2004. No, there is absolutely no difference between his efforts to bring down the Paul Martin government and what Stephane Dion did in 2008.

Almost no one in the nartional media has brought much of this forward. Yes, Andrew Coyne at MacLean’s has said it’s hypocrisy. Why not just say that Stephen Harper is a hypocrite. There’s this reticence to actually hold politicians to account, hold their feet to the fire. No, I’m not saying we should brand the letter “H” into their foreheads. But, maybe we should stop calling a spade an implement for excavation and just call it a god damned shovel.

(By the way, Stephen Harper isn’t the only hypocrite in this election. He prorogued parliament to save his tail after refusing to put a stimulus package in place. He later went out and brought forward a budget that either the Liberal or NDP party could have brought forward. Complaining about running up the deficit for doing what you wanted might also bring the “H” word up in polite conversation.)

Oh, the forehead branding thing. My disapproval probably doesn’t run to repeat offenders…

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